The new Kubota L4018 with the concept of a better life.

kubota tractor L-4018

The new Kubota L4018 with the concept of a better life.

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Kubota’s new Kubota L4018  under the concept of a better life. New engine Rarely used than ever. Easy maintenance, no need to visit the center. Value for money, of course.

Performance Kubota  L 4018 Tractor

Kubota L4018 A new 40 horsepower engine designed specifically for increased horsepower. Combined with a 3-cylinder direct-injection system and a cylinder volume of 1,826 cc, the maximum horsepower It works fully rugged .
Addition to the ignition point directly to the cylinder head. It burns efficiently. Reduces combustion temperature in the engine. And reduce the heat quickly. It works continuously. Accelerate response even in hot weather, ensuring durability. All Kubota tractors have been tested for 1,500 hours of operation to meet
Kubota standards.
For efficience,
Kubota L 4018 is designed to adjust the width of the rear wheel axle to 111.3 cm 119.7 cm and 129.7 cm in order to allow farmers to operate the farm. The distance between the planting groove.
kubota L-4018
kubota L-4018
2 speed levels (540/750 km / h) for those who need extra quality. Whether it is a rotary hammer that requires high resolution. Or a multi purpose sprayer that requires high resolution.
8 forward gears 8 reverse gears
Kubota Tractor Identity Can move forward – reverse Without stopping the car The gear position is designed under the steering wheel at the right hand. It can be changed easily, work smoothly.
With a narrow circle of 2.5 meters, you can work in tight spaces. And more convenient. With power steering Help Work as heart
Undercarriage Weight And balanced horsepower
With 4-wheel drive, it maximizes tractor power and traction. The power to the four wheels balanced. This reduces the chance of free spinning wheels during work.

Specially designed with modern design. To use in case of work in windy areas. This will reduce the amount of smoke coming to the driver.

The durability of the Kubota L4018 ,3-point peripheral device

Front wheel axle and front wheel hub.
Durable Especially gearbox, clutch, tailgate. And the cylinder head. Made from special hard cast steel. Very strong impact. Can work hastily
Design of the exhaust pipe at the front wheelbase to reduce the pressure from the air inside. Reduce damage to seals. And reduce the risk of oil leakage on the front axle.

The comfort of Kubota tractor L 4018

kubota L-4018
kubota L-4018

Outstanding every detail. And more modern. Represents technological advances. This is a unique Kubota.

Safety of the driver is important to our safety. The KDS is designed to protect the driver from the overturning of a KDS tractor, including a seat belt and a steel frame. This will work together to keep the driver in the safest place. When the tractor overturns. Reduce the risk of tractor damage.
Adjustable level locking device
Design and installation Left hand fence holder Allows the driver to climb up or down the tractor comfortably.
Work continuously No interference during work. From the dirt Splash back With the card behind the big driver. Located in the right area.

Kubota L4018 Price is 15000$ – 30000$


If you are interested in more details of the Kubota L4018 . Please , contact the Kubota Showroom nationwide.

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