Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvesters Recommends New Combine Harvester

Kubota DC105X


Kubota DC-105X Combine Harvesters Recommends New Combine Harvester

. Performance of the Kubota DC-105X Kubota
. High-performance engine, 105 hp, centered direct-injection Fuel injection directly to the combustion chamber turbo system to compress air into the combustion chamber better.
. Oil tank 105 liters
. Intercooler
. Allows the air entering the combustion chamber to cool down. And more dense. Thus increasing combustion efficiency. Fuel economy the engine is smooth

. Wider

Kubota Combine Harvester DC-70G Plus
Kubota Combine Harvester DC-70G Plus

. Designed to be 2.76 meters wide, it is fully reaped.
. Head set
. Steel plate under the head and neck conveyor made of high strength steel. And the design of the joint between the steel plate is smooth. This will prolong the life of the product.
. Finger
. Designed for up to 6 racks with lower finger position near the blade. Harvest efficiency Can harvest better rice.

. Automatic chain tensioner adjustment system

DC105X Combine Harvester
DC105X Combine Harvester

. Allows the level of conveyor chains to be in the proper position. The conveyor chain will lift up when the rice is in large quantities. And the conveyor chain will be lowered if the rice is small. This resulted in a smooth flow of rice. Easy to set up Prevent excessive tension of the chain. Extends life.
. Massage cabinet
. The length of the cabinet up to 2.21 meters fan with 8 blades can create wind. And the amount of air is increased. The wind can pass through 3 directions, making the dirt better, The width and length of 84 x 182 cm help reduce the fall rate as well.
. Rice Pipes. It can be adjusted to 235 degrees, elongated to 4.35 meters, and adjusted to a minimum level of 1.1 meters. Fast release rate. Track
. Width and length of up to 57.5 x 190 cm, reducing surface pressure. Reduce the problem of ground damage or deep mud.

. Tracked roller series

Crawler DC105X
Crawler DC105X

. 7 series of rollers reduce the pressure on the surface of the track. Extends the life of the roller. And the longer the track.

. Wheelbase
. The wheelbase is 147.5 cm wide, helping to balance the car during driving. Especially when the rice is full. Including steering and work. With a height under the car up to 40 cm, it works in a better area with a damp.
. Auto Monroe
. Maximize the balance of the car with Kubota Auto. Or auto balance system. The car control system to be parallel to the floor throughout the work. Lift up the car up to 10 cm, then drowning.
. Kubota DC-105X Kubota Combine Harvesters.

.designed to be easily removable for easy maintenance.. Bottle for massage cabinet
. Designed to open from the bottom up. It is easy to clean. And add 6 sieves, which can be used to switch. Extends life.
.Value for money Kubota DC-105X Kubota
– Power of the engine

– New transmission system

Crawler Kutoba DC105X
Crawler Kutoba DC105X

– High performance suspension system to reduce damage to the ground floor

– Better harvest. For a full harvest.
– A quality massage system. To yield quality Rice paddies
– Tank system and rice gutter
– Maintenance, easy cleaning.

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